Local Vendors

#eatlocal isn’t just a hashtag to us; it’s how we do business. Working with local businesses provides us with the freshest RAW ingredients that let Chef Steph work his magic. Many of these local vendors are open to the public as well, and we encourage you to check them out!

Thomas Meat Market

You can’t make the burgers and sandwiches we make by starting with anything but the best meats. Thomas Meat Market worked with Chef Steph to come up with our special “RNG” grind of sirloin, chuck, and brisket that is second to none.



The Original Grit Girl

There’s a 1910 stone grist mill just down the road in Oxford, Mississippi where Georgeanne Ross has taken up the art of grinding.  Here at Rawk’n Grub, we use her ground corn products, from Cornmeal for our Green Day Tomatoes and Dixie Chick Sliders to Grits for our Rollin on the Grit’r, and from time to time, we use her masa and polenta in some of our specials.  No other product can compare to the natural flavor and freshness we get from using locally milled grits from The Original Grit Girl



D & R Bakery

Our burger, slider, and bolillo buns are baked fresh by a local Panaderia that pays attention to detail and consistency. Their little shop kicks out more than just bread, and you can get all the smells you want for free. Stop by their place off of Whitten and enjoy!



Nikki’s Hot A** Chips

Don’t let the name fool you, the Nikki’s “Cool” Chips have just the right spice to go with our grub as a side or in the amazing “Darling Nikki” as the perfect base for our SOULicious sauce, smoked blue cheese, candied bacon, and green onions. Great, now we’re making ourselves hungry again. In addition to these great chips, Nikki’s is also known for hot seasoning and bloody mary mix. You can get them in local stores or on their website. Nikki’s was born and bred right here in Memphis!


The Cheesecake Connection

It takes a special treat to make it onto our Encore menu. The Cheesecake Connection special makes our “Ain’t Nutter Butter-a-Cheesecake” filling. One taste and you’ll know where to go to get your desserts!


Kirk Country Farm

There’s a world of difference in the flavor of fresh vs. store bought eggs. We get our eggs from Lisa and Bubba Kirk in Arlington, TN, where you’ll find them “raising laying hens on grass, pasture-finds, well water, fresh air and sunshine. Where a chicken can be a chicken…no motives questioned.”



Crazy Good Sauces

Crazy Good Sauces has, well, some crazy good sauces. And rubs, and lots of other crazy good stuff. We use their green chile powder in our… well, that’s a secret. But we use it, and other stuff and it helps make our food taste … crazy good.